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Depending on the objectives of a project and its stage of development, different approaches to end-user engagement can be chosen. Unfortunately, it’s not always immediately evident which method is the most appropriate. The Interactive Flow-Diagram on this page can therefore assist in navigating between the various tools and support services offered by U4IoT. It offers guidance by making a selection according to specific needs and assisting in deciding on an end-user engagement approach that matches the project's objective(s).

By answering six questions i.e. on the stage of development, objective, type of data, sample size, resources and level of expertise, one primary recommendation and three secondary recommendations will be provided. The recommended end-user engagement tools and methods are briefly described and accompanied with a link containing more information on how they can be applied. For some of the end-user engagement tools and methods, additional support in the form or an e-course is available. For direct questions or advice, experts from the Expert Pool can be consulted.

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Question 1

For what project phase are you searching an end-user engagement method?

*multiple answers possible

Question 2

With what objective do you want to engage end-users?

*multiple answers possible

Question 3

How many participants do you want to involve?

*one answer possible

Question 4

What type of data do you want to collect?

*multiple answers possible

Question 5

How many resources can you allocate?

*one answer possible

Question 6

How much experience do you have with end-user engagement?

*multiple answers possible

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