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U4IoT offers a variety of end-user engagement tools and support services. The tools and support services offered are gathered, created or customised for the IoT community, among which the Large-Scale Pilot (LSP) projects in the the European IoT-LSP Programme. The Interactive Flow-Diagram on this page assist in navigating between the different tools and support services by making a selection according to specified needs. Six tools, methods and recommendations highlighted below are provided by U4IoT to be utilised throughout the duration of IoT projects.

The complementary U4IoT End-user Engagement Toolkit offers a selection of useful external resources of different tools and methods. In order to use the U4IoT tools and support services, online assistance is offered in the form of an Expert Pool and e-Courses. Lessons learned can be shared through the Knowledge Base, where end-user engagement experiences from the different LSP projects are gathered and exchanged. Get started now by navigating through the tools and support services on this page! You can read more about the U4IoT project here.

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End-User Engagement Toolkit

This toolkit is to guide the Large-scale pilot (LSP) projects and especially the pilot sites through the innovation processes, with a special focus on user-engagement. It comprises methods and tools found across literature and online, put together in a format that follows the different phases along the innovation process. These three phases, namely: exploration, experimentation and evaluation, have been further divided in 3-5 iterations. These iterative steps within the three phases contain links to more detailed instructions, tools and methods for the trial sites to refer to in the quest for end-user engagement along the innovation processes. Although organized in a

manner that the phases and iterations could be followed in a step-by-step manner, from beginning until the end, the purpose of the entire process is that it is followed in an iterative manner. This means that the different phases and iterations in the innovation processes are often overlapping, repeating, and mixing in order. Throughout the journey the need to jump back and forth between the different phases is to be noticed.

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